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Hiya my lovelies, I hope you are well on this lovely Saturday. I was sitting looking at my box of makeup for the blog, when I spotted the shine from the gorgeous 24K Gold Palette. Well that was it, I had to get her out to admire her and then I couldn’t put her back before photographing, swatching and having a little play with the shadows.

I really love the fact these chocolate palettes come with an outer cardboard box, it makes them seem a little more posh somehow! This one, as you would expect has a gold outer box with a little clear window showing the palette inside. On the back it shows you pictures of the shadows inside, plus the ingredients.

Once we get inside to the palette, she’s the usual dripping chocolate design, but this one’s gold is so shiny, it’s mirror like. The palette feels substantial in your hands, and the catch feels nice and secure, so you won’t have to worry about it opening in your makeup bag. On the note of travelling with her, she has a nice full sized mirror for you to admire yourself in, while you’re applying your makeup.

Inside the palette, you have sixteen gorgeous shades. Fourteen of them are the smaller 1.22g of product and the other two larger ones have 2.44g of product. So you get a rather tasty amount of shadows for your £8.99 with this little lady!

Let’s just take a look at how beautiful she is, as you can see we have a very luxurious looking warm toned palette. Absolutely stunning metallics in there, can we just please take a moment to appreciate that copper?! I can imagine doing a beautiful sunset inspired eye with this, and it being AMAZING.

What I like to see her is that we have a nice variety of colours and finishes, so that makes her very versatile. I like that the matte shades are so soft and buttery, but you will notice some fall out from those. But for this amazing palette for that price, does anyone really care about a bit of fallout? That matte black is going to be ideal for getting a great smokey eye going on, one of my favourites!

All in all, I think you are getting an amazing palette for a great drugstore price of just £8.99. I definitely recommend it to everyone, and you can purchase it either online at Tambeauty.com or Superdrug in store and online.

All of the new products from Tam Beauty seem to be just knocking everyone’s socks off with how great they are. They are definitely swiftly becoming a favourite of mine, and I’ll continue to enjoy their products for as long as they keep this standard up.

I have a long weekend ahead, with lots going on with the family! I hope you have some nice plans of your own too.

Do you own this 24K palette? Or any of the other chocolate bar palettes? I’d love to have everyone’s recommendations, as so far I only have the peach one and this one. But for now it’s byeeeee from me xx

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  1. Nay @ beautyaddictmama

    Great review and amazing swatches. I have most of these chocolate palettes and was sure about this as it didn’t look great in the pan but the swatches are amazing!


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