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Good evening my lovelies! I know what you’re thinking, why is she posting twice in one day? Well don’t expect it every week, but it’s an extra as I’ve been ill all weekend and at home. I’ve put together a list of all my Sunday pampering treats, to inspire you for your routines.

No matter if you are a Mum, Dad singleton, party goer or librarian, we all need some me time. For me Sunday’s are when I like to give myself a real treat, and use this time to escape from the every day stresses and strains of life.

If my Fibromyalgia allows, I like to start with a nice hot bath. For my bath and showering products I always turn to Lush. They are of course a cruelty free brand, the staff are amazing, the products smell good enough to eat and I just love, love, love them.

This is the Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. This is one of the pricier bubble bars at £4.50, but my Gracie picked this out for us. You simply break a piece off and crumble under the running water to colour it, give you oodles of bubbles and fill the air with the amazing scent. There’s lots of bubble bars to choose from depending on whatever floats your boat.

This is one of the Lush Naked Shower Gels. This is the snow fairy one from Christmas, but they have three other ones in stock right now. They are a tad pricey, the current ones are £9.75, but this pink lovely I’m already using (this is the fresh one I got given as a gift) has been on the go since Christmas, and I still have half left. It’s really very moisturizing and worth the pennies in my opinion.

My cleanser is Lush Aqua Marina, which is £7.50 for 100g of product. This is a gentle cleanser, and has really helped my skin after it got quite bad last year. This is my third one of these and generally lasts about eight to ten weeks, so very reasonable per application.

This is the AHA +BHA Peeling Solution. This is only £6.30 for 30ml of product, which is an incredible price for this kind of skincare. Now I was a little sceptical before I used this, but I would say this is my favourite exfoliater. You do feel a little tingle, but absolutely no pain at all, I promise! I’ll be doing full reviews on all of The Ordinary products, and will link the one for this, here when it’s done.

Bunny Moon is one of my newest purchases. She’s £6.95 For the little 65g pot, but a little goes a long way with these jelly masks. I’ve tried the FOMO one before which I loved, so wanted to try another one in the line. Some people don’t enjoy the texture of these masks, but I personally like it and always feel nice and relaxed when I have one on. They don’t go tight on the face, just feel very moisturising and my skin is baby soft when removed.

When I’ve used the AHA + BHA Solution, I like to use a gentle toner and this Simple one is ideal for that. It’s also cheap as chips for £3.49 or if you move quickly, Boots has it for £1.74!

For my under eye I’ve been using this Botanics All Bright Eye Roll On. It’s usually £8.99 but Boots have it on offer for £5.99. I’ve only had this for a week so I’m still undecided, but I like the little roller ball applicator. It’s nice and cooling, especially in the morning for waking you up.

Buffet from The Ordinary is a multi peptide serum. £12.70 For 30ml of product, but wowzers what a product! This is amazing for keeping the skin youthful. Now I’m only in my thirties, but already experiencing the early signs of age in my and forehead area. I’ll explain more in my review of this, but the technology is fantastic at this price point.

I got this No7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream for Christmas and it’s very hydrating. I usually wouldn’t spend £25.00 (50ml), but I’ve been enjoying it and pleased with how it makes my skin feel.

The Ordinary Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil £9.00 For 30ml of product. I don’t use this all over, but where I want an extra boost of moisture. Mostly I use it on my cheeks and around the nose to help with my dryness.

Well that’s all folks! Thanks allot for reading. It’s time for me to get on with my pampering instead of just writing about it. What do you do for your special pampering on a Sunday or whichever day you add the little extras to your skincare or bath? If you’ve done a post like this, please feel free to link it in the comments below. But for now it’s byeeeee from me xx

6 thoughts on “Graceful Pamper Time

    1. gracefulglamouruk Post author

      Oh awesome, thank you. Yeah I’ve been a lush addict for a long time, but just found The Ordinary after Wayne Goss mentioning them. So impressed with everything I’ve had from them, and the foundation is phenomenal xx

  1. C.K Beauty

    i love lush, i’d love to try the naked shower gels but as you said they are a bit pricey! that unicorn horn looks great too their bubble bars are amazing! x

    1. gracefulglamouruk Post author

      The way I justify them is that they are more than double the size of the soaps, but less than double the cost. Plus they are way more moisturizing and the smell stays on your skin for ages. There were so many bubbles from the unicorn horn xx


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