Its all about that glow – Dragons Blood and Mermaid Scales


Hello my lovelies! Feeling slightly better today, so hope I can manage to get a bit more done this week. My niece’s birthday is on Thursday, so keeping my fingers crossed that I’m on form for her Alice in Wonderland party.

So I’m back again with some super scrumptious, pretty, shiny products for you today. This time it’s all about that glow. Before we start, I just want to take a minute to discuss how highlighting has gone a bit crazy in the last year. Don’t you think? There’s a bit of a trend where people add allot of highlight to the end of their nose, and I find it a bit strange… Just me? Let me know in the comments what you think.

These two shades are the newest colours in Makeup Revolution’s liquid highlighter line. I already have the pink pearly one, Ethereal which I LOVE so I was super excited to try these new colours. You get 18ml of product, for an extremely affordable £6.00. It just goes to show that you can get amazing beauty and quality on a budget.

The packaging is a bottle with a pipette that unscrews from the top. You squeeze some in to the pipette and then squeeze gently to release it back out. I love how versatile these liquid highlighters are, you can use them in several ways and they are all equally beautiful. The basic highlight, place some on the back of your hand, then use your fingers or a brush to blend in to the skin at the highlight points. You can also mix in to your foundation to make any foundation have that glowy finish. Or if you are having a bare skin day, you can mix in to your moisturiser for your face or body.

Yes we’ve all seen the videos with people dripping it directly on to their faces, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll get waaay too much product, and then won’t be able to blend it out properly. A little really does go a long way with these, so you’re better off applying a little and then building it up if you need too.

Mermaid Scales is the very pale mint base with stunning green micro shimmer. It’s really beautiful, but they should have picked a prettier name. It should have been mermaid tears, or shine. I don’t know, scales just makes me think of a scaly fish and not pretty at all. She’s a beauty and deserves a name to match.

Dragons Blood has a stunning rose gold base, and has beautiful pink micro shimmer. Again, I only wish they’d have given it a prettier name! It’s so feminine and I wish it had been something without blood in the title haha.

Despite the fact I don’t like the names of these beauties, I love the product and can’t find anything else that I don’t like about them. Plus the price point is just amazing for the quality, as usual for Makeup Revolution. You can purchase these from who ship worldwide or Superdrug online and in stores in the UK, or Ulta in the US.

I’d love to know what you think of these highlighters and feel free to link to your Makeup Revolution product hauls and reviews, as I’m kind of obsessed at the moment! Also, I’d love to know how you highlight, as everyone has different ideas and tricks. But for now it’s byeeeeeee from me xx

4 thoughts on “Its all about that glow – Dragons Blood and Mermaid Scales

  1. Helen Claire Little

    These look awesome, I haven’t seen anything like these before. I’m so behind with highlighting, it’s all new to me! Are the colours just a matter of preference or do they correct skin tone problems? I think I like the pink one best Xx

  2. joniamac

    Both highlighters are nice but OMG Mermaid Scales is gorgeous! I would buy it but I wouldn’t know how to wear or when would the appropriate time be to wear it.


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