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As you’ll know if you’ve read my profile, I suffer from Crohns Disease and Fibromyalgia. Both of these cause pain, with the Fibromyalgia causing the most pain. Some days, I struggle to get out of bed in the morning and holding a thin makeup brush is just impossible. I usually use a beauty blender to apply my foundation, but since finding these brushes reduced on Tambeauty.com, I’ve actually been able to hold them (albeit gently and still with pain).

The handles are nice and wide, so a much larger base to hold on to. If you suffer from any condition that effects your fingers and your ability to grip, this shape would be ideal for you to try.

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the packaging of these brushes? I love how they have a mirrored effect with the shiny card, in the inner packaging. It’s kind of an open triangle shape which reflects the brush. Very clever and nice to see an affordable brand with such beautiful packaging.

Now on to the individual brushes. The purple one is the larger face brush and as I said I really enjoy using this for my foundation.

The bristles are incredibly soft, and glide nicely over the skin to give a beautiful finish. This beauty was just £3.00 reduced from £9.99, so a total bargain.

The smaller pink one is the contour brush, but I find this gives me too much of a harsh line for my contour, so I use her for my blush and highlight.

Again, this is a beautifully dense and soft brush, ideal for packing a punch with both your blush and highlight.

The smallest of the brushes is this bright blue, flat eye brush. It was reduced to just £1.90 so that popped in the basket. I’m really pleased with the quality, and again, it’s nicely soft and dense.

It gives a great application of product in the crease and is also great for blending out those shadows.

These brushes have really helped me cope with doing my makeup, even on some of my worse days. These are fantastic brushes whichever way you look at them, but especially good for if you struggle with gripping and have pain in your hands. Do you have these brushes? Or do you have any other great tools for doing makeup that would be helpful for someone who struggles with gripping things?

Well that’s all folks! Thanks for reading as always, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Lots more coming up, including my Lush haul, my favourite pink lipsticks and more. But for now, it’s byeeeeeee from me xx

4 thoughts on “I ❤ Makeup Brushes – Easy to grip

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