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Hiya my lovelies! I hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday, and have started the week off on a nice positive note. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I went to see my doctor yesterday, and I’m pleased to say that she has started me on a new medication. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, and let’s hope it starts to make a difference soon!

Now let’s get on to the reason we’re here, the lovely Makeup Revolution Reloaded Iconic Fever Palette. Phew that’s a bit of a mouthful! If you haven’t already heard, she’s rumoured to be a pretty close dupe for the very popular, Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. The packaging is completely different, so I would say based on looks alone she’s a bit like her fatter, taller cousin rather than a sister!

The packaging for this beauty is the basic shiny black plastic base, with a clear lid and gold writing to the front. We have three rows, each with five pans, so you are getting fifteen shades for the tiny £4.00 price tag. The pans are also a generous 1.1g each, so we’re talking about 16.5g of product for such a reasonable price!

For the top row we have the two highlight shades and three matte neutral browns. I have to say, the three brown shades are very similar on the skin, so we probably didn’t need more than one of this colour. The colour on the right isn’t all that pigmented and I had to build it up. But the pale shades are very nice and fairly pigmented too.

This next row just simply blew me away! After swatching the brown shades above, I’ll admit I felt a bit disappointed, but that doesn’t matter when you have amazing shades like this. I love the nice metallic sheen to them, and the second shadow from the left is the standout shadow for these. But I have to say all of the shadows are amazing and it’s hard to pick just one!

Again with the bottom row, we are dealing with great shadows. Pigmented, pick up easily and the payoff on the skin is amazing. It’s hard to pick a fave out of these beauties, but I think I’ll go with the one in the middle as I don’t think I have anything similar in my collection right now.

I think you can probably guess that I am really loving this palette, it’s just a shame that we have the three shadows in the top row which are letting her down! But do you know what? For £4.00 I’m not going to be upset when I have twelve other amazing shades to play with. If you don’t already have this, I totally recommend it, you won’t be disappointed I promise you.

As usual you can purchase her from or Superdrug online, they are also sold in Superdrug stores if you are in the UK or Ireland. For our pretties across the pond you can get her from Ulta both in store and online. Tam Beauty also ship to many countries across the world.

Thank you so much for reading as usual, I hope you enjoyed the post. I do have two others from the Reloaded collection for you, so they’ll be on here in the next few days. What do you think? Do you have this palette or any of the others from this line? Which one is your favourite? But it’s time for me to say byeeeee for now xx

2 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Reloaded Iconic Fever

  1. emilyburnsmua

    I’m looking forward to your other reviews on the Reloaded palettes! I think I’m going to pick up one or two. This palette looks so gorgeous and you’ve done a great review!


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