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Hiya my lovelies, I hope Thursday is treating you well. The weekend is in sight and I for one am fed up with this snow. This beast from the east, can kindly go back to where it came from now please! After going through allot of trouble to get Gracie to school this morning, they sent her home early anyway. The poor love has got a cold now so couldn’t play in the snow, and has been grumpy all afternoon that I won’t let her build a snowman!

Introducing the next Makeup Revolution Palette from the Reloaded line, Iconic Division. She is said to be a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills, Subculture Palette. The same as the Modern Renaissance, the ABH palette is £43.00, compared to the MUR for nearly ten times cheaper at £4.00. That is a massive price difference!

The packaging is the same as the others in the Reloaded line, shiny black plastic base, and clear lid with gold writing. Again you get fifteen shadows for the teeny tiny price of just £4.00!

Top row

The top row is kind of average really, the shade on the right takes allot of building up and so does the moss green in the centre. The bronze gold shade, second to right is the best of the bunch pigmentation wise, and gives a beautiful metallic finish. I do have to say that the highlight shade on the left is very pretty too. There is a beautiful pink sheen to it, so as you move it shows how beautiful she is! It’s so hard to capture in a picture.

Middle Row

The deep forest green on the left is one of those pow colours which I’m really pleased about. The burgundy next to her needs a bit more building up, but what a stunning colour! The orange is so, so but I’m not upset as I really don’t wear orange. The pale green was a little disappointing, as it’s really more of a yellow, but the brown on the right is a gorgeous rich shade with great pigmentation too.

Bottom row

This row is another one of those pow rows! As I say, I’m not particularly fond of orange or yellow, but they are phenomenal pigment wise. The green shade is paler than the green above, but compliments it perfectly, so will be great for a look together. The purple is nice and deep with allot of brown and doesn’t take hardly any building up. The black is also decent especially for this price point.

I really do like this palette, and apart from maybe four of the shades being a little disappointing, the others more than make up for it. Let’s face it, at just 26.6p per shadow, you aren’t losing much with that!

All in all I’ve really enjoyed each of these palettes and am so pleased to have them in my collection. The Newtrals 2 didn’t appeal to me as much at the time, but from the swatches I’ve seen the quality is generally good in that one too, and there’s some pretty pinks that would be well worth the minimal price tag.

To buy the three higher end alternatives would have cost me an eye watering £121.55! To buy the Makeup Revolution, cost me just £12.00. This means I saved myself a whopping £109.55. By anyone’s standards, you can’t say fairer than that. But that’s all for now and it’s byeeeee from me xx

6 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division

  1. Nay @ beautyaddictmama

    That bronze gold is so gorgeous! I’m a bit disappointed about the orange shade but the forest green makes up for it. It’s such a bargain palette and a great dupe for Subculture which I was reluctant to buy after hearing the mixed reactions.

    1. gracefulglamouruk Post author

      Honestly, I’m so shovked at the quality of these reloaded palettes, the best quality yet in the £4.00 line from Makeup Revolution. The orange in the bottom row is excellent, really pigmented and buttery, its just the one in the middle row, but you could use it for a transition shadow xx


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