Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser and Canterbury Store Thank You


Hiya my lovelies I hope all is well with you and you aren’t snowed in! We had more snow yesterday in my little part of Kent, but it seems to be melting a bit more today, thank goodness! I’m definitely more of a summer person myself, what about you?

So on to today’s post and we’re looking at the Lush Aqua Marina cleanser. I have a special love for this cleanser in more ways than just one. Back last summer just after I lost my baby, the first time I went out to do something for myself was a trip with my daughter, to visit Lush in Canterbury.

The lady who greeted us was Izzy, and she was so lovely. My face had flared up terribly with big cystic spots and I really needed help with my poor skin. She sat me down and asked about my current routine and skin, but when I was half way through I broke out in uncontollable tears. I felt so awkward and incredibly embarrassed, but Izzy was absolutely wonderful and calmed me down pretty quickly.

Once we were back on track, she sorted out a nice assortment of skincare products for me to try on my hands, and talked me through everything. I absolutely love her passion about animal cruelty, the organic products and wanting to please me as a customer. She really couldn’t do enough to help me, and was incredibly sympathitic, caring and made me feel at ease. That kindness and passion extended to my daughter, showing her lots of products, explaining all about them and letting her have a test too. I really can’t thank Izzy enough for her kind help, understanding and generally being amazing! She continues to be wonderful each and every time we return, which is allot as we love the service and products.

Let’s get back to the product, Aqua Marina. Price wise, we are talking £7.50 for 100g of product, which is very reasonable for being cruelty free and organic. The packaging is the usual smaller Lush black pot, with stickers to the top, round the sides and the bottom. I like that you can collect the pots from these, and when you have used the product, return five of the marked empty packaging to receive a free fresh face mask. I love a bargain, and free is my favourite price.

Inside is a very thick, wet consistency pink cleanser, with nori seaweed mixed in. In the store the whole product is displayed in the seaweed, but obviously when the portions are packaged it ends up rather mixed in. I really like this, as I try to get some of the seaweed for each use. There is a slight odour which my Mum remarked on, but I personally don’t find it offending in the least.

Lush have really packed the formula full of great ingredients, and perfect for my dry but sensitive skin and spots. The Irish moss gel, which is a type of seaweed contains vitamins and minerals, we also have seasalt, soothing calamine powder, kaolin, seasalt and aloe vera. There’s allot of amazing in there, right?

Now you have to do a few seconds preparation before you apply, but it’s super simple, even I can do it! Simply pinch a small amount off, mix in a little water, then smooth in to a paste. Now we’re we’re ready to apply, and the application is nice and smooth, you can feel the seaweed, but I personally like the feeling it gives and it makes it seem more luxurious. Sometimes I’ll leave it on my skin while I’m showering and then wash off before I come out. Removal is simple, just clean away with water.

Your face feels perfectly cleansed and soft. I love that it doesn’t make my skin feel tight or dry, but leaves it feeling squeaky clean, fresh and ready for the next step in my routine.

I can’t tell you the brilliant difference this cleanser has made to my skin. Don’t get me wrong, I still have hormone spots, but the massive painfull outbursts none stop have been kept at bay. When I look back now, I wish I had taken pictures to track my progress, but for obvious reasons, it wasn’t my top priority at the time. I started noticing a difference after just a week, and when I’ve run out a couple of times, my skin has flared up again. This is now a staple in my morning routine, and each evening as my second cleanse too. I now worry about running out, so always make sure I re-purchase before I do.

My Lush skincare, along with my The Ordinary serums and peel are really making my skin happy! All in all, I think this is an amazing product for a reasonable price. This will continue to be in my skincare arsenal, and I highly recommend it if you have problem skin.

Well I think I’ve gone on for long enough now, so I’ll let you get back to enjoying your weekend. Have you tried any Lush skincare? What is your skin saviour? I would love to know! But from me, it’s byeeeee for now xx

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