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Freedom Kohl Liner

Hiya my lovelies I hope you are all having a nice Wednesday. Last night was kind of a long night again, with insomnia and pain. But actually I got up this morning and had some fun with my daughter before she headed off to school. I can not, and will not let Fibromyalgia or Crohn’s stop me from living my life.

Before we start on the review, I just want to let you know about something I realised today. I knew there were still a few companies that test on animals, but I had no idea how many! I feel quite upset to have makeup in my collection, from large brands which comes from brands who test on animals. I’m going to do some research and find out a bit more, but expect to see a post dedicated to this subject.

Freedom Pro Kohl Eyeliner Duo

So let’s get back to the review of the Freedom Pro Kohl Eyeliner Duo. They come in a slim cardboard box, which I think gives them a feeling of being a bit nicer than regular drugstore. But thankfully we aren’t having to pay a premium price, as this duo is only £3.00. I’m also pleased to see the box is sealed with tape, to make sure nobody can get their grubby mitts on them!

Freedom Black Kohl Liner

Here we have the black of the duo and it’s a really nice smooth liner that glides across the skin with ease. It does give you a decent line, but I’d say kind of average for the depth of colour in a black pencil. Saying that, we don’t always want a harsh dark black, and were still getting a great pencil that’s very easy to work with.

Freedom Neutral Brightening Liner

I’ve been wanting one of these neutral eye brighteners for a while now, so I’m very glad it came in this duo. Now this little beauty is the real gem, and worth the £3.00 and more besides! Creamy base with just a tiny hint of pink. This is lovely for the inner corner or brightening up the waterline. This is a very welcomed member to my collection, and makes it really worth it.

Freedom Kohl Liner Duo Swatches

This was one swipe each from the liners, and you can tell from the swatches that they are really nice, good quality. There’s nothing worse than getting a pencil that is hard and scratchy on the eyes. Some even hurt just to try and use them, and that’s definitely not what you want in your delicate eye area. But I can promise you, you’re safe with these.

So all in all, a nice little set for your £3.00 if you ask me. As I say, if it were just the neutral shade on it’s own, still totally worth it!

You can buy Freedom from Superdrug or Tam Beauty in the UK or Ireland. My friends across the pond can purchase from Ulta.

As far as the animal cruelty goes, if anyone would like to collaborate on a post with me, I would very open to that. It’s such an important subject which needs to be looked at. But for now, it’s byeeeee from me xx

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  1. gracefulglamouruk Post author

    Oh don’t give up! When I first got ill and my grip started to struggle, I started to line my eyes with black eye shadow. It’s so much for forgiving and still gives you some nice definition xx


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