Makeup Revolution Haul

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Makeup Revolution Haul

Hiya my lovelies, it’s Thursday already and I had a lovely surprise this morning. When I opened our local paper I saw that the schools in our area have been busy, with the children drawing pictures for their Mummy’s! If you want to see the picture my Gracie did for me, go ahead and click here. It’s moments like that which keep me smiling, despite the tough weekend I have ahead.

So if you’ve seen me on social media in the past few days, you’ll know I’ve been eagerly waiting on a package from Tam Beauty. It’s taken a week and a day to arrive, so I’m extra keen to get my hands on these products! The snow has held up these beauties for long enough, so let’s jump straight into what I have in my hot little hands.

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

First up is the Fast Base Stick Foundation. As you’ll already know, unless you’ve been hiding from social media, this foundation is on everyone’s lips right now! She has a dewy finish with medium to full coverage, which is particularly good for people with dry skin. Although I have seen many people with oily skin say they really enjoy her too. We’re getting 6.2g of product for just £5.00, which is a great price for a stick foundation that is bang on trend.

I love that there are eighteen shades, which range from a nice pale, to reasonably dark. There are plans in the pipeline to increase the shade selection even further for both this foundation and their Conceal and Define, which also has everyone buzzing! I love that they are so inclusive in their advert too, they have all races, and its nice to see someone older than their twenties rocking it too!

Makeup Revolution Cremè Highlight and Contour Kit

Another release that has everyone talking, has got to be the Cremè Highlight and Contour Kit. Yes I know what you’re thinking… Haven’t I seen this somewhere before? Well yes indeed you have, it’s an almost exact replica of the KKW (Kim Kardashian West) Cremè Contour and Highlight Kit. I’m not one for forking out $48 (about £35.00) for a product just because of a celebrity name. I’ll go in to the details in my first impressions post, but you are basically getting allot more product, for a much smaller price tag with the Makeup Revolution.

Talking of price, each stick contains 7g of product, and the total kit with blending tool is just £15.00. Some other bloggers have said the price is too high, and I guess I can see their point as they are a budget brand, but… When you think they have duped a product that retails for £35.00, it seems like more of a bargain to me.

Makeup Revolution Cremè Highlight and Contour Kit

As you can see, the packaging on the sticks is beautiful rose gold, with a mirror like shine, and complimenting soft cream sturdy plastic. The first of the sticks has two contour shades, one end cool toned and the other warm. The next contains both a matte highlight and a beautiful shimmery shade with a pink sheen to it. These shades are right up my alley, the contour is prefect for my pale skin, and I’m in the shade fair.

The dual purpose applicator is a very welcomed addition to the kit, with a slanted sponge and soft buffing brush. The brush is so much softer than it looks in the packaging, so that was a lovely surprise. The sponge also feels nicely soft and bouncy.

This whole kit feels really high end and really impressed me from first sight. I love the way it looks in the packaging, so I’m going to display it on my chest of drawers, along side my Renaissance lipsticks.

Left to right, Rose Gold, Rival, Unicorn Foil.

Next up we have the Flawless Foils, Metallic Eyeshadows. These are so pretty and I wish I’d bought more! With each foil shadow you get a little bottle of intensifying primer, to really make those shades pop! We’re talking about £5.00 for each little set, with that you are getting 2g of shadow and 2ml of primer. Now I have them, I wish I’d got more of the collection, but there’s always next time!

Left to right, Chauffeur, Greatest, Prime lipliners and lipsticks

The beautiful Renaissance Lipsticks have quickly become some of my favourite in my collection. The formula’s are so creamy and pigmented, so I was really pleased when they came out with 10 different shades of Renaissance Lipliners. The shade chauffeur, actually matches their most popular lipsticks from the Rose gold collection, which is also nicely creamy and pigmented. The Rose Gold lipsticks are £3.00, Renaissance £4.00 and the matching lipliners are just £2.50 each for 1g.

Makeup Revolution Flex 02 Highlight and Glow Brush

Here we have the Flex 02, Highlight and Glow Brush. If you read my previous post on Easy to Grip Makeup Brushes you’ll know that I sometimes struggle with my brushes due to pain from Fibromyalgia and Crohn’s Disease. When I saw these Flex Brushes I thought it was worth a try, to see if i could add them to my list! I got this one in the sale for £3.99, but the regular price is £9.99, so I got a good saving too.

Makeup Revolution Flex 02 Highlight and Glow Brush

The idea is simple but effective, the middle of the brush is flexible, allowing you to mould the brush any way you want. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that Makeup Revolution have released brishes that are going to make easier for people like me. It’s great to see, and I hope they bring out more tools aimed at making things easier for people who struggle.

I’ve had to change my scheduled blogs round a bit as I’ve decided to take my blog completely cruelty free. I think it’s something all of us Bloggers should get behind, to try and make a difference to the poor animals out there. In the coming weeks I’m going to be working with Belles Bunnies on some posts to help raise awareness, to help us make the right decisions when deciding which brands are ethical. Theres many companies who are very sneaky indeed, when it comes to displaying their policies.

So expect to see some swatch and first impressions posts coming up for these lovelies from my Makeup Revolution goodies. But that’s all from me for tonight my loves, I’ll be back tomorrow, but for now it’s byeeeeeeee xx

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