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Hiya my lovelies, and happy hump day! This week seems to be running away with me, and I still have so much to do. There’s been allot of research and work, on going totally cruelty free for the blog. It’s something that is very close to my heart, as I’m a massive animal lover.

So let’s take a closer look at the Renaissance Lipsticks and Lipliners. First of all, the packaging for the lipsticks is beautiful and are probably the most favourite in my collection. I did swatches and a review of the formula back when the new shades came out, so go check that out if you didn’t see it, here.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipliner Chauffeur, Rose Gold Lipstick Chauffeur

The packaging for the lipliners is shiny white, with a picture of the exact lipliner to the front, then it’s name and colour on each end. I love that if you want to store them in their boxes, you can easily see which colour you are grabbing for. As with the other Makeup Revolution, we have the rose gold writing, which always give their products a nice touch of class.

The liners themselves are just as classy, with a satin rose gold effect to the body, but the lid and bottom are both the corresponding colours. Again this is great for storage, so you can grab them quickly when you’re getting ready.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipliner Chauffeur, Rose Gold Lipstick Chauffeur swatches

Chauffeur is a really beautiful browny nude, with a pinky undertone. I’ve seen some people comparing her to Mac Blankety, I’d say she’s close, but Blankety has more beige to her.

This is Makeup Revolution’s most popular lip product, and I can definitely see why! Although she’s not in the Renaissance line, I know why they’ve made her a liner to match.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick and Lipliner in Greatest

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick and Liner in Greatest Swatches

Greatest is so stunning, a beautiful deep dusty pink with mauve and brown undertones. This lovely lady is one of those “perfect for any occasion” lippies that you can just pop in your handbag. The liner has more brown to her, but compliments the lipstick perfectly. This combo is gorgeous and I got many compliments when I wore it on Saturday.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick and Liner in Prime

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick and Liner in Prime Swatches

Last but certainly not least, we come to Prime. The lipstick is coming off slightly lighter in the picture, but the sun was actually shining in the conservatory making the lighting bright. I’m not going to moan, I can’t wait for Spring to properly kick in!

So I would call the lipstick a browny mauve, with a faint rosy tone. The lipliner is quite a bit darker and much more on the browny side of things. But again, compliments the lipstick perfectly.

The formula on both the lipsticks and liners are exceptional quality. The liners glide perfectly smooth on the lips, are super soft and manageable. We are getting 1g of product, for just £2.50, and that to me is CRAZY as the quality is superb. In fact, I think I need them all… But don’t I for everything from Makeup Revolution?

I’m not going to bang on too much about the lipsticks as I’ve done the other review. But I have to say, believe me when I tell you they are creamier than a dairy factory! I adore them and will definitely be adding more and more to my collection. Ok I’ll admit it, I have more arriving in my next order…

The Rose Gold lippies retail for £3.00 for 3.2g of product, with the Renaissance being £4.00 for 3.5g. You can’t say fairer than that, especially for the stunning quality!

As usual, you can purchase them from Superdrug online here, in store or direct from

Well that’s all from me for now folks. Let me know what you’re loving from Makeup Revolution, or anyone else for that matter. I’ve been loving getting more involved on Twitter, and even doing more on Pinterest too. If you aren’t following me, go on over and take a look. But for now it’s byeeeeeee from me xx

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  1. emilyburnsmua

    I need to try these! I’ve heard so many good things about their lipstick. I’m loving/playing with the new reloaded palettes, Newtrals 2 and Division. Their shadows are so good!


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