Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate


Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate,Radiant In Rose, Outer Packaging.

Hi there my lovelies, I hope you are having a great Sunday. I’m having a nice relaxed afternoon, as it’s still cold and snowy! My little one has gone off to see her cousin, so I’m taking this time to relax as my Crohns and Fibromyalgia have been hitting me hard this week. My fellow spoonie’s will know what I’m talking about. Sometimes just day to day things I used to take for granted are a struggle. So some much needed me time is happening today.

When I first saw the Renaissance Illuminate collection with Carmi MUA on Makeup Revolutions Youtube channel, I knew I just had to have Radiant in Rose. I absolutely love my pink highlights, and as I’m so pale and cool toned, they really look great on my skin.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate, Radiant in Rose, Velour Pouch.

The outside packaging is a matte metallic pale pink colour, with the information on. I really like the fact they come like this, as you know nobody has had their grubby mitts on them. Of course it’s not a problem if you are buying directly online, but when they launch in Superdrug, you can bet your bottom dollar people will have their fingers all in there!

Inside the box you have a lovely soft and very pale pink velour pouch. This helps to protect the very precious highlight palette nestled within. I find it always makes something feel more classy when you have a little pouch or bag, if you ask me.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate, Radiant in Rose Palette.

Once we remove the palette from the little pouch, you can see the beautiful rose gold mirror shine to her. I just adore this, although a little difficult to capture on camera.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate, Radiant in Rose Palette.

Once we open up the palette, we come across the true beauty of this lady! Three beautiful colours that really excited me, and I couldn’t wait to try. No really, it was hard not to just dip my fingers straight in, but I wanted to do the pics first!

We are getting a very generous and gleaming 14g (0.49oz) of product for your Β£8.00. This is a really good amount for this affordable price tag, and she’s going to last you a good long while.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate, Radiant in Rose Swatches.

I’ve swatched each of the shades here on the left, and the one on the right is all of them swirled together. You literally just have to stroke your finger grntly to get this pigmentation, so a little really does go a long way.

When using with a brush you don’t need much at all, a very light hand unless you want that blinding glow look.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate, Radiant in Rose Swatches.

The palest of the shades is a really soft pale cream with a touch of gold. Almost like a slight Midas kiss. She reminds me of something I already have in my collection, so I’ll have to find it and let you know. But I can tell you one thing now, I’m in love!

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate, Radiant in Rose Swatches.

The middle shade looks quite peach in the pan, but once you get that smooth and silky lady on the skin, she looks more of a pale rose gold with a stunning glow. Each time I swipe, I feel like it’s my favourite, but then I swipe again and change my mind!

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate, Radiant in Rose Swatches.

The deepest rose shade is a gorgeous warm pink with gold and peach undertones. She’s an absolute stunner, and those of you with pale skin like mine, will also get away with using her as a blush or blush topper.

I love that these highlight products are so versatile, you can use them on various area’s of your face and body. The main places I apply are, the inner corner, brow bone, cheek bone, down the centre of the nose and cupid’s bow. However, once the summer comes I can see me using her on a large fluffy brush, all over my body to give me some POW summer glow.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate, Radiant in Rose on the cheeks.

You know when you’re in traffic, and the sun makes your skin glow so much you need to take a picture? Between my Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation, and this gorgeous highlight I was feeling it!

As with all of the Makeup Revolution Products, you can buy from here in the UK and Ireland. I believe the line are also launching in Superdrug later on in the month.

Well that’s all from me for now folks! I’ll be back tomorrow and will be around on social media this evening so hope to see you on there. Let me know if you have any of the Renaissance Illuminate line, and what you think of them. But its byeeeeeee from me for now xx

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      It’s only been out for about a week. You can only get it at what used to be, but I’ve just realised they be changed their name to The link still works and takes you to the right page. Or you can always wait until the end of the month at Superdrug xx


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