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Hiya my lovelies, and welcome back to my little corner of the internet. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who sent their love, prayers a good wishes after I was assaulted the other night. It was so incredibly lovely to see and very much appreciated too. We are doing a bit better now and have to say how supportive the Kent Police service have been to us. I can’t say anything about the incident for legal reasons, but thankful for all the support from every one.

Today we are taking a closer look at the Revolution Fastbase Stick Foundation. This is probably one of the most hyped up products to come from Revolution Beauty since the much loved Conceal and Define at the beginning of the year. Now I couldn’t wait to get this in the post, so when she arrived, I instantly had to snap some pics and get to swatching and testing.

If you didn’t see my swatches and first impressions post, go take a look.

Revolution Fastbase Stick Foundation – F3.

I have to say, the packaging in the most recent releases from Revolution Beauty, has been really beautiful, giving a great impression. I think the classy looking rose gold and cream gives a real high end look and feeling to the brand in general. Top marks for upping their game, definitely.

Revolution Fastbase Stick Foundation – F3.

The product itself is very creamy and seems to melt in, as you move the stick across the skin. I then get to work with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to buff the product in. To finish I blend in my Conceal and Define in C1 under the eyes, then cover any blemishes with C3. The ease in which the foundation blends is just great and covers everything when combined with the concealer. The radiant finish is just beautiful and I have so many compliments on my makeup every time I wear her.

Left to right, Revolution Conceal and Define – C3, Revolution Fastbase Stick Foundation – F3.

As you can see, the Conceal and Define in the co-ordinating C3 shade, matches perfectly and blends in beautifully to give a flawless finished look.

My favourite primers to use with her are the Revolution Aqua Priming Base and The Ordinary High Spreadability. The only time I had a bit of a fail, was when I used the Primark PS Strobe cream to prime… The creams were too much with each other and I had a bit of a gleam cakey mess. It was definitely a party with cake for everyone! I actually like the PS Strobe Cream with other foundations I’ve tried her with, but these two just aren’t friends.

Left to right, The Ordinary Coverage Foundation 1.1P, Revolution Fastbase Stick Foundation – F3

My other favourite foundation of the moment is The Ordinary Coverage Foundation so I thought I would do a little shade comparison. In each brand they are the palest shades with pink undertones. As you can see, the Revolution is a lighter colour and has more coverage to her, but they are both great products. I think I do prefer the Revolution due to the excellent coverage and staying power, although I still love The Ordinary too.

My other makeup blends nicely over the base, to give a flawless radiant finish. The afternoon natural sunlight in the car, shows the true beauty of the finish she gives.

All in all I think this is a really nice foundation, made exceedingly better for the price you are paying. You are definitely getting allot for your money with this lovely lady. I have to hand it the guys at Revolution Beauty for being true to the customers and brand by keeping the price so low for this one, they could have easily charged more and people would have still been happy.

As with all the other Revolution Products, you can purchase at Superdrug online here or in store, and Revolution Beauty here. Over the pond in the USA you can purchase at Ulta in store or online too.

So what do you think of this foundation? Do you have her? Do you want her? What other cruelty free foundations would you recommend? In fact any cruelty free beauty recommendations would be fab!

But for now it’s time for me to go, sending huge thank you hugs tonight. Thanks again for all the love! It’s byeeeeeeeee from me xx

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