My Essence Haul – More Cruelty Free Makeup!


Hiya my lovelies, I hope you have had a fantastic day. You may have noticed that my posts are going up later than usual this week, but that’s because we have the Easter school holidays right now. It’s so nice to be spending time with my little girl, but it does mean I don’t have much time in the day to write.

As you can see I picked up quite allot from Essence! So I’ve decided to break it down in to two posts. I don’t want you getting bored now, do I?

Essence are one of my new found Cruelty Free brands, and I’ve seen some really great reviews of their products. They are an incredibly affordable brand, with prices starting at just £1.00 for their blushes. I know that Dramatic Mac really rates them, but her coveted Banana Powder was nowhere to be seen!

The Lip Products

Essence lip products

Look at the gorgeous range of lip products I purchased! I know it looks like allot, but since they start at £1.00 you can afford to get a few extra’s when buying from Essence.

Essence Balmy Kiss

This is the Balmy Kiss (£1.30) moisturizing lip care. My lips are so incredibly dry at the moment, and as this has almond oil in, I thought it would be good to help them along.

I was quite surprised to see the pink product and that you get a little payoff when applied too. She’s a very sheer baby pink, but pretty if you are going for a subtle look.

Essence Shine Shine Shine Lip Glosses.

These are two of the Shine Shine Shine lip glosses, (£2.00). I’m kind of over the matte lip look as my skin is so dry (apart from NYX Velvet), so I’m looking forward to trying them out.

They smell good enough to eat, with a sweet scent that I can’t put my finger on, but it’s yummy.

First up we have 07 Happiness in a bottle. She’s a deep rosy pink, and quite pigmented for a gloss. I love these types of colour, and she’ll go nicely with some of my lipliners and lipsticks.

Next we have 10 Dress Up Our Lips! I have to admit, if I’d seen her in person I might not have chosen her, but now I’m sure I will find a way to make her work.

Here is one of the Butter Sticks in 02 Sweet Frosting (£2.50). I’ve heard these are nice and moisturizing, so hoping that’s true for my parched lips! I’d say she’s a deeper shade of the rosy gloss and will pair up lovely with her.

This swatches beautifully, so incredibly creamy and pigmented. I can’t believe the quality of this for the price.

This smells a bit like sweet vanilla, a very tasty scent, although I wouldn’t recommend you eat it.

This is the Long-lasting lipliner in Sweetheart 02 (£1.00) I can’t believe this is only a pound! Seriously? Come on Essence you are so good to us.

I’m seriously shocked at how creamy and pigmented this is for the price. Obviously I’ll have to let you know about the wear time, but for this price, just re-apply.

These are from the new Spring line and these beauties are Draw The Line lipliners (£1.50). I was really impressed by the other lipliner, but for just £0.50 more, you getting an even more pigmented and creamier formula.

This little lady is 08 Eternal Beauty and a very me colour. This soft rose with peach tones is fab. I seem to have picked mostly variations on rose! It wasn’t intentional, but there were no swatches online so it’s a bit of a guessing game.

Her deeper sister is 16 Fancy Blush and I would say she’s a raspberry colour with a burgundy red tinge. Not my usual colour, but I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone with my looks, so I’m going to rock it!

This is the Essence Lip Brush and only set me back £1.30. I only really use lipbrushes when I’m layering, so thought I would give it a go with my metallic liquid lipsticks.

The Face Products

Cruelty free blush and powder are severely lacking in my stash, so it made sense to give these a whirl from Essence, as they are so reasonable.

First up is the Mattifying Compact powder, which I’ve heard mixed reviews about. When I hear mixed things about a product I’ll generally give it a go, and as it was only £2.00 I thought, why not?

To be honest, considering how incredibly dry and awful my hands are at the moment, she didn’t do badly in the swatch stakes! I did try a little a little on my cheek and she fared much better in that instance. But I’ll take her for a proper spin before I let you know my thoughts.

This is the Matte Touch Blush in Rose Me Up. I was expecting her to be much more rosy, but she’s a very neutral tone with just a hint of pale dusty pink. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed as I prefer more pinky tones.

However when I swatched her, I completely changed my mind! She might not look much in the swatch, but the formula for these £1.00 blushes is actually quite nice and you get decent pigmentation too.

But I have so say that Berry Me Up, (£1.00) also from the Matte Touch Blush line is the real gem for me. So much so, that I used her on my cheeks for this week’s #onwednesdayswewearpink.

Look at that gorgeously pigmented swatch! Considering how shockingly dry my hands are at the moment, how amazing did this little lady do?

If you want to see her in action, go over to my Instagram and check out the pic here. Although I have to say the colour is much prettier in natural light, and I will have to add another pic in the daytime.

Now this little madame caused all the trouble when I opened my package yesterday, as she had leaked all over the rest of the package. Unfortunately when I got to the culprit she was all but empty and I was quite upset about it!

Of course I got straight on to Wilko and had a bit of a moan, as the lid wasn’t done up properly… But to my surprise, I got a message back really quickly, within five minutes. They messaged straight back asking for my order number so they could send me out a new one, no questions asked! Unfortunately later on they then sent me a message saying it’s out of stock so they had refunded me, booooo! In hindsight I think I would have preferred the option of choosing something different, but still very pleased that the problem was dealt with quickly.

So all in all I’m pleased with these Essence lip and face products, so I’ll keep you updated on my progress with them. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see swatches and my first impressions of the eye products.

But that’s all from me for now. Take care my lovelies, byeeeeeee xx

5 thoughts on “My Essence Haul – More Cruelty Free Makeup!

  1. Emma Rollason

    Wow what a haul! You’ve picked out some beautiful products, I love the look and sound of the Butter Sticks and the lip liners and the shade’s you picked them up in and also the blusher’s I love the star design on them so pretty.

    Emma x

    1. Gracefulglamouruk Post author

      Thanks hun, yeah the blushes are so good for £1! I’m literally gobsmacked haha xx


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