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Hiya my lovelies, I hope you are well. I’m having a very, very bad pain day today, probably the worst I’ve had recently. As some of you will know, I was assaulted a couple of weeks ago, and my daughter was hurt in the process – obviously this was stressful and has set off my Fibromyalgia in a big way.

But anyway, lets move on to a nicer subject !Today we’re looking at the rather beautiful Revolution Renaissance Glow. This is by no means a new release, but she’s been in my collection for a while in the background, and I thought it was time for her own post. After all, she is the older sister to my new favourite product, Renaissance Illuminate in Radiant Rose.

What I like about the Renaissance line, is the products just feel a bit higher end, and the packaging is particularly stunning. We are getting a matte black box with a very feminine gold, floral pattern for the outer packaging. I didn’t keep this box, as I appear to be swimming I packaging right now!

This part is really my favourite, you know a product seems posh when it is nestled in a velour pouch! I love that it’s black, so it keeps her safe when she’s in my handbag. The problem with Radiant Rose, is she came with the palest pink pouch, and I worry about it getting dirty in my handbag. But this one does the job, and a much more practical colour.

Isn’t she a beauty? The little handbag/purse design is just too cute for words, and personally one if the favourites in my collection. Sadly the matte black outer shell seems to attract powder of any kind, but it’s nothing a decent baby wipe won’t sort out. The clasp is nice and secure, so you don’t have to worry about her opening up without permission in your handbag.

Now let’s get down to the good stuff! Inside the palette, we have a decent sized mirror (which I love), the contour shade on the left, and of course the beautiful highlight on the right. Each pan contains 3.5g, giving us a total of 7g of product for our £8.00. For a palette of this quality, I think she’s a steal. I am totally happy that Revolution kept the prices reasonable even in the much nicer packaging.

As you can see from the swatches, each of these shades are nicely pigmented and don’t emphasise the dryness of my hand. You really can’t see the beauty of the absolutely stunning highlight in these pictures due to the lighting. I’m so sorry I didn’t do newer pictures, but these are from when I first got her and before I had my light box or thought to use the conservatory tiles! As I said before, today has been such a horrendously bad pain day, and although I planned to take new pics, I just couldn’t, so I thought I’d use these older ones for now.

As usual, you can purchase Revolution Beauty products from Superdrug online here, in store or from Revolution Beauty in the UK and Ireland, and from Ulta across the pond in the USA.

But that’s all from me for now my lovelies, I will be back tomorrow with something new. But it’s time for me to say byeeeeeeeee xx

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    1. Gracefulglamouruk Post author

      Thank you hun 😃 I’m really fair and it’s perfect for me, so should be great for you.
      Thanks so much, today is a much better day, thankfully as my little one has had chickenpox xx


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