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Hiya my lovelies, I hope you are well, had a fantastic week and enjoying the beginning of your weekend. The past few days have been crazy busy for me with being half term, I was keeping my little one busy, but now she has chickenpox on top of everything else. As you know, we were already feeling a little fragile from the assault, and now my poor girl is feeling very sorry for herself!

But I’m very pleased to tell you, the lovely Belles’ Bunnies has prepared a fantastic post for us, all about Cruelty Free Hair products! In the past month I have been on a major quest to change over to being totally cruelty free, and Belles’ Bunnies blog has been a really great resource for me. I have spent a great deal of time discovering new brands for all of my beauty products, and hair is next on the agenda. Without further ado, I will leave you to get down to the good stuff!

Cruelty Free Hair!

Cruelty Free Hair Products

As a former Hair Salon Owner, I absolutely LOVE hair care products! And while Cruelty Free makeup is starting to get noticed (hurrah!), hair care seems to be getting left behind! So! Here are my all time favourite hair care brands and products!

Shampoo & Conditioners

Lush Cosmetics

I actually have 2 favourites from Lush – the Honey Shampoo is an all time favourite that I will probably always repurchase. You can literally feel it nourishing your hair while you wash! And secondly the Daddy-O Shampoo – which could have technically come under the Hair Colour category as it is a toning shampoo, but either way regardless of all the professional toning shampoos I have tried this one wins hands down!

Shea Moisture

– Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Collection

A holy grail collection that I already have a full blog post on, for anyone with curly hair I highly recommend trying this collection out. The scent is so addictive, it gives great results and feels so luxurious!


– To The Rescue

A fairly new collection for me, but very much appreciated! This collection is perfect for hair that needs a little “TLC” – plus it smells amazing!

Paul Mitchell

– Tea Tree Shampoo

This Tea Tree shampoo is one I have sworn by for years. It is so stimulating and makes the scalp feel so clean! It doesn’t leave hair feeling dry like alot of Tea Tree shampoos do, and is also fantastic for anyone wanting to grow hair faster!


– Perk Up Dry Shampoo

As I tend to stretch out my wash days as much as possible (down to pure laziness…) this product is an absolute life saver. It smells lovely, and banishes any grease instantly refreshing hair.

Hair Masks and Treatments

The Body Shop

– Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask

OK so I first bought this mask for the smell… but it is honestly one of my favourite hair products – ever! Not only does the beautiful banana scent last, but it is so nourishing and my hair feels genuinely pampered!


– Repair Mask

As I have already mentioned this is a new collection for me, and I instantly fell in love with this mask. My curly hair tends to get very knotty, but this mask instantly detangled everything and left my hair feeling so darn soft!


– Intensive Deep Repair Mask

The Osmo Repair mask is ridiculously affordable and works like a dream. It smells insane, and leaves hair feeling so nourished and soft! Job done!

It’s a 10

– Miracle Leave-In Product

An absolute classic. It would take me far too long to go into all the marvelous benefits of this product, but in my opinion literally everyone should be using it! Go! Now!

Coconut Oil

Good old fashioned Coconut Oil. It sadly tends to get overlooked, but it is genuinely the best way to condition hair in every aspect. It takes a bit of washing out, but is totally worth it!

Styling Products

Shea Moisture

– Coconut Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Another one for the curly girls, I am obsessed with this product and it is an absolute staple in my hair styling routine! It smells incredible, the results are incredible, it IS just incredible!

Paul Mitchell

– Super Skinny Serum

Another classic – this product is an absolute must for those with thick, frizzy or difficult-to-tame hair. It is beautiful to use before blow drying and even cuts down the drying time!


– Touchable Hairspray

The perfect hairspray if you are wanting to avoid that crunchy “set” look – this holds your style superbly but keeps it feeling like hair!


– Extreme Volume Root Lifter

The Osmo Root Boost spray is brilliant for giving extra volume exactly where you need it. It is so easy to apply, and really does work!

Fudge Urban

– Sea Salt Spray

This Sea Salt is another classic. It gives stunning texture to any hair type, whether you have curly hair and want more “oomf” and defintion, or just want to add some beachy waves!

Lush Cosmetics

– Hair Custard

Another product I have a full blog post on! One of my all time favourites, the Lush Hair Custard gives a beautiful finish and definition – and did I mention it smells like Caramac?

Hair Colours

Maria Nila

I have a long time love for Maria Nila products and their toners in particular. I have a full blog post on them here – but overall they are conditioning toners that act like a mask and tone hair to beautiful shades.

LUSH Cosmetics Henna

Lush Henna hair dyes are a fantastic semi-permanent option to hair colour. They can be a little warm toned, but are a great alternative. The “Marron” chestnut shade is glorious!


Rusk are a professional brand, but they are seriously fantastic. I swore by this brand in my salon, so if you are going to a salon for your colour then keep a look out!

Kenra – Guy Tang Collection

The Kenra Guy Tang range is everything and more! Guy Tang has created the most incredible shadesthat have been almost impossible to create – until now! (He also has a magnificent and hilarious YouTube channel!) Another professional brand, but definitely worth visiting the salon for!

Bleach London

Bleach London are brilliant for fun shades that also make it so easy to keep up. I love their “Super Cool Big Pink” and the Rosé shampoo & conditioner are perfect to maintain – although the Rosé collection is also awesome to tone blonde hair to a pastel pink shade. If you have the nerve, also check out Blorange!

Superdrug Vibrance

For dependable permanent home colour, Superdrugs own Vibrance collection is bang on. Not a huge range of shades, but if you can find one to suit what you’re looking for then they are perfect.

So there it is! I hope this has been helpful and has given some inspiration to anyone who is looking to switch up their current routine!

I would like to thank Graceful Glamour for inviting me to write this post – Graceful Glamour is a beautiful blog written by a beautiful person! If you enjoyed this post Belles’ Bunnies is a Cruelty Free Cosmetics Blog, and I would love for you to pop over and say hi!!

Love your hair, and it will love you back!

Cruelty Free Hair Products

Thank you so much for your amazing post! I’ve definitely got some great idea’s for my hair shopping list now. Over on Belles’ Bunnies you can find all the information you need to make a start with going cruelty free. My favourite page has to be the Cruelty Free Brand List so go ahead and check it out.

If you’d like to see my latest post on Cruelty Free Beauty, then go ahead and check out my review of Revolution’s Renaissance Glow. Spoiler alert, it’s awesome!

But for now, it’s time to say byeeeeee until next time xx

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