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The Cruelty Free Beauty Box April

Hiya my lovelies, I hope you are well and enjoying your Tuesday. I’m really pleased to tell you that I’m feeling quite a bit better today, and it seems to be down to me going from 300mg of CBD, to 500mg. If you would like to see a post about my experience of starting and using CBD for my chronic pain, then please let me know.

Today we are taking a look at The Cruelty Free Beauty Box from The Cruelty Free Beauty Shop.

I had seen plenty of the regular makeup and beauty boxes, I was actually an original subscriber to Glossy Box when that one started, but not a specifically cruelty free one. Since I’ve moved over to Cruelty Free beauty, I didn’t want to sign up to a regular subscription service, as I would more than likely end up receiving brands who test on animals, and I’m not signing up for that! Thankfully, I was doing my usual scroll through Instagram, and I came across The Cruelty Free Beauty Box. So without further ado, I will get on with it, letting you know what I got in the April Box.


View inside the April Cruelty Free Beauty Box. Including the blue tissue paper and card eith the contents on.

Inside The Cruelty Free Beauty Box April

Inside the box, there is the usual typenof information card, which lets you know what’s you’ll find within. I like the blue tissue paper which keeps the products safe inside, and generally make it feel like a present which I enjoy.

Flawless – Unicorn Beauty Fantasy Highlight Rrp £8.95

Outside packaging of the Flawless unicorn highlighter. A black cardboard box, with a circular bkue sticker which has a white unicron with multicoloured hair.

Flawless – Unicorn Beauty Fantasy Highlighter

I was a little confused when I originally tried to find this product online, as on the information card and packing, it appears the brand is Unicorn Beauty. However there is a section for shopping from the box on the website, and thankfully I found her there, from a company called Flawless.

The packaging is basic black cardboard with a cute Unicorn sticker. There are no details of the amount of product or ingredients, but I assume we can use her as a highlight or eyeshadows.

A rainbow shimmery highlighter in a round pan. Includes the colours pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Flawless – Unicorn Beauty Fantasy Highlighter

Now, this is what I call a pretty highlight! The colours are so vibrant, and that blue is to die for! My only problem being, I wish the colours were slightly wider so that you could get a brush in there. The sections are quite slim, and even with a finger, it’s tricky to pick up just the one colour.

Each part of the rainbow highlighter shade swatched on to the back of the hand, with the product behind.

Flawless – Unicorn Beauty Fantasy Highlighter

Now look at those gorgeous, bright unicorn shades! The only colour I’m not that impressed with is the yellow, as it was harder to build up. But do you know what? I’m so in love with the rest of the colours, that I can’t stay mad at her at all.

Elate Cosmetics – Moisturising Lip Gloss Rrp £14.00 

Back ground is a black and white photograph of sleeping kitten, with beads and Elate lipgloss with wooden lid placed across.

Elate Cosmetics -Moisturising Lip gloss Radiate

Next up we have this delicate peach lip gloss. As you can see, there is a sticker across the middle of the packaging. I like that we know we have 5g of product in here and the ingredients, but to open her up, we have to remove and then it’s ripped.

Elate Cosmetics – Moisturising Lip Gloss Radiate

I have to say that looks wise, she is a real beauty and I like the look of the wooden top. It’s classy, but natural looking which is perfect for a cruelty free brand. From a blogging point of view, it’s nice to have the product details, but I am seriously loving the look of her!

Elate Lip Gloss Lid

I just had to show you the pattern on the lid, and how detailed it is. It’s just another little touch that makes this gloss stand out, giving you that feeling of luxury.

Elate Lip Gloss Wand

The wand appears to be thinner than your usual doe foot applicator, which gives you a nice amount of control when applying.

Elate Cosmetics – Moisturising Lip Gloss Radiate Swatch

On opening the tube, the first thing I noticed is the wonderful aroma of peppermint. A delightful sheer peach, with good shimmer glides across the skin of the swatch, and on to my lips too. You get a pleasant cooling effect, making this perfect for summer.

W7 – Very Vegan Matte Bronzer rrp £8.95

W7 – Very Vegan Matte Bronzer Packaging

Next in the box, we have this W7 bronzer which comes from their new Very Vegan line. It’s great to see they have released a completely vegan option for those who want it.  We have a cardboard outer packaging (seen in the main picture), then a white plastic compact with green writing. Basic but clean looking, and green is the obvious choice for a vegan makeup line.

Bronzer compact with chocolate brown powder, and raised heart shape in the middle

W7 – Very Vegan Matte Bronzer

Sadly I can tell right off the bat, this is definitely going to be too dark for me. It’s a shame as I really want to support this kind of product, and the brands which produce them. However, my loss is your incredible gain, as she will be going in the giveaway box! For that reason, I won’t be swatching, as I’m sure the winner won’t want my finger prints all in their bronzer. More details on the giveaway to come in the near future!

Benecos – Natural Mono Eyeshadow Rose Quartz Rrp £4.95

Black and white kitten picture, with beads, toy rabbit ear and single eyeshadow.

Benecos – Natural Mono Eyeshadow Rose Quartz

Benecos Eyeshadow is next on our list, and the packaging is more of a classic single eyeshadow. Sturdy clear plastic with black writing, houses the product inside.

Black and white picture with round dusty pink eyeshadow in the middle.

Benecos – Natural Mono Eyeshadow Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a particularly classy dusty rose shade, and I adore this kind of shadow. A delicate raised leaf pattern gives her a touch of character, and I couldn’t wait to swatch!

Swatch of dusty pink shimmery eyeshadow on the back of hand, product blurred in background

Benecos Natural Mono Eyeshadow Rose Quartz Swatch

Soft buttery formula, and a stunning shimmer finish are what this shadow offers. I just know I’m going to get allot of use during in the summer, and especially for the price, I would say you are getting a great product.

PHB Ethical Beauty – Organic Eye and Lip Crayons Rrp £8.95 each

PHB Ethical Beauty - Organic Eye And Lip Crayons.

PHB Ethical Beauty – Organic Eye and Lip Crayons

These Eye and Lip Crayons are the last products from the box, and I’m not sure if I was supposed to have both, but I’m very pleased I have! They are both said to be 100% pure, organic and smudge proof. All sounds good, right?

PHB Ethical Beauty - Organic Lip Crayon in  Peach close up of tip.

PHB Ethical Beauty – Organic Lip Crayon Peach

Peach isn’t my first choice when it comes to lip products, but I think this would be a nice shade to go with the Elate gloss, also included.

PHB Ethical Beauty - Organic Black Eye Crayon close up of tip.

PHB Ethical Beauty – Organic Eye Crayon Black

Who doesn’t need a black eyeliner? This one seems to be a nice deep creamy one, so I’m pleased with her. On to the swatches!

PHB Ethical Beauty - Organic Peach Lip and Black Eye Crayons swatvhed on the back of hand.

PHB Ethical Beauty – Organic Peach Lip and Black Eye Crayons

I’m pleased to tell you that both pencils are incredibly smooth, creamy and pigmented. Both glide particularly easily across the skin, and seem to be nice and easy to work with.

Well there you have it, the first of my Cruelty Free Beauty boxes! What do you think of these kinds of subscriptions? Do you have anything similar? As usual, I’m also interested to find out everyone’s favourite Cruelty Free products, so please do let me know those too.

If you missed it yesterday, please go take a look at my Primark K-Pop post, with various products and their swatches from the collection!

But it’s that time again, for me to say thank you for reading and byeeeee xx


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